Image of Armando Febo.

Armando Febo had been working at low-paying retail jobs since becoming a parent at 17. After 21 years of marriage and four more children, Armando was ready to make a change. 

“After having our first child, I dropped out of school. Without additional education, I felt limited on what I could do,” said Febo. 

The pandemic was another setback, due to so many stores having to close. While out of work, Febo studied for his GED. He completed his courses and successfully passed his exam. 

“The day I passed, I stopped by my mother’s house to share the news. There was an issue of DVC Magazine on the counter,” said Febo. That’s where his DVC journey began. 

Image of Armando Febo.

Armando Febo

Febo is now a full-time student at DVC, working towards certificates of achievement in personal training and yoga teacher training. He is also gaining hands-on experience in the field. 

“I would encourage anyone interested in kinesiology to come to DVC. My life has changed so much in such a short time, and yours can too,” said Febo.

Kinesiology at DVC  

“DVC offers an array of degrees and certificates under the kinesiology umbrella. Each area is led by a professor with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience,” said Shelly Pierson, program lead for the fitness instruction/personal training program at DVC. 

Kinesiology students gain experience through working in DVC fitness facilities with clients sourced from faculty and staff. Most students complete a two-semester hands-on practicum to prepare for the real-life demands of the industry. 

“The personal fitness training program has a 100% employment success rate for students who earn a certificate or degree, and a 99% pass rate on the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal training exam,” said Pierson.

Share your passion for yoga  

Kathy Finley

Kathy Finley

“I took my first yoga class in college over 30 years ago, and knew I wanted to be a yoga teacher someday,” said Kathy Finley. 

Since her children will soon be in college, Finley felt ready to pursue her yoga teacher journey.  

“I chose DVC to experience the program within an affordable college learning environment, where I could interact with a variety of students to get fresh perspectives,” said Finley. 

DVC’s yoga classes are among the most highly enrolled activity classes on campus. Offering a yoga teacher training certificate program seemed like a natural extension of that interest. 

“The new yoga teacher training certificate program assists students in self-discovery and self-realization, strengthens personal yoga practice, and develops the skills and knowledge to teach Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga safely,” said Milissa Bradley, lead trainer for the yoga teacher training 200-hour certificate program at DVC. 

The yoga teacher training program runs for eight weeks each fall and spring. Classes are held evenings and Saturdays, enabling students to balance the program with other responsibilities.  

“Students who successfully complete the program fulfill the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, which meets employer requirements for yoga instructors,” said Bradley.

Build a healthy community

Image of Chris Brecheen.

Chris Brecheen

“In 2021, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and had surgery to remove the tumor. I decided to pursue a career where I could contribute to people’s physical fitness journey,” said Chris Brecheen. 

Brecheen plans to earn an associate in science in fitness instruction and certificates of achievement in personal training and coaching.They hope to open a nonprofit fitness center, enabling members to participate in classes and fitness training on a sliding scale. 

“What I really enjoy about the kinesiology programs at DVC is how diverse the options are. I come to school and lift weights or swim, and then I go ‘get my nerd on’ and learn about physiology and body energy systems,” said Brecheen. 

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