Wondering which career is the best one for you? Take our quick quiz to find out which career paths are the best fit for you, based on skills and passion, not your gender. For each question, choose the response that fits you best, even if all of the choices aren’t exactly right for you:

  1. The word I find most inspiring is:

  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Discovery
  • Equity

2. The word I find most relevant to me is:

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Education

3. When I think of my career interests, I most would like to:

  • Create something
  • Own something
  • Build something
  • Figure out how something works
  • Help people

4. When I imagine myself working at my dream job, I would most like to:

  • Communicate / express myself
  • Sell something
  • Innovate / solve problems
  • Use scientific inquiry to make a difference
  • Advocate for causes I care about

5. My strongest skill is:

  • Creative expression / communication
  • Connecting with people / networking
  • Solving mathematical equations
  • Researching and investigating scientific challenges
  • Educating / mentoring / advocating

6. I really enjoy:

  • Performing for a crowd
  • Using computers and digital technologies
  • Working with my hands / building something
  • Learning how the world works
  • Contributing to my community

7. I’ve been told I’m really good at:

  • Writing / written communication
  • Public speaking / oral communication
  • Discovering how things work
  • Understanding scientific information
  • Helping people in need

8. One career area that interests me is:

  • Fine arts / digital arts / performing arts
  • Business / sales / marketing / information technology
  • Computer programming / software and web development / engineering and design
  • Scientific research / drug discovery / health care
  • Counseling / education / psychology / sociology / social justice

9. When I think about my creative skills and interests, my favorite way to express myself is:

  • On a stage or on a page
  • In the kitchen, whipping up a creative meal or dessert
  • With a drafting pencil 
  • In my yard, planting a garden
  • Using my gift of language to persuade others to care about themselves and society

10. Something that I enjoy or believe I would enjoy is:

  • Creating digital music, film, and electronic media
  • Flying a drone
  • Designing and building my own workshop or studio
  • Focusing on improving my health and wellness, getting physically fit, etc.
  • Teaching / mentoring

How to calculate your score

All questions are worth 1 point each. Review your responses and fill in the columns in the chart below. Add up all of your “a” answers and put the total in the corresponding box, and do the same for each of the other letters. Then review the corresponding career interest areas, and focus on exploring careers in the area(s) where you accumulated the most points. For more information about DVC career interest areas, visit www.dvc.edu/explore.

Chart for calculating quiz response totals